Mari Bott

Utah ASL Realtor

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About Mari Bott

In 1992, our family moved here from California. St. George has captured my heart ever since. There is beauty in every direction you behold. The options of places to go and see are plentiful. From the serenity I get to being at home or the excitement and challenge of my favorite sport, Pickleball, to the variety of trails this city has put in for our enjoyment are astounding. It literally is whatever you want it to be.

My story for getting into real estate back in 2004 is a story in and of itself. I grew up as the oldest child of Deaf parents and I have dedicated my life to bridging the gap between the Deaf and Hearing world. I'm a national and state certified ASL Interpreter and I once owned an interpreting agency for 14 years. Thru my life experiences, I have made it my mission to make sure that every transaction, every person I work with, fully understands the process and the contracts one enters into when purchasing or selling their home. It's personal to me. My whole goal is finding the one home that you intuitively know is yours. That's where I come in. I know this town and the neighborhoods well. When we meet, I will listen and analyze your needs, do the research and sift through and study the potential homes to get the intended result. I find such joy in seeing YOUR joy!

The next move is yours.

Yours in Real Estate,